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Planet Ayurveda® follows a strict process in the preparation of its herbal products according to ancient Ayurveda. All nutritional supplements are prepared from natural herbs based on time-tested recipes. We provide nutritional supplements with an exceptional impact on overall health. Planet Ayurveda's wide range of natural preparations includes herbal teas and preparations recommended for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. All natural preparations are prepared according to standardized natural recipes. Each product is created from pure herbal extracts and each is rigorously tested for purity and consistency. The market is full of various nutritional supplements and natural remedies for various health problems. We at Planet Ayurveda place great emphasis on creating the most effective natural products and, above all, that their use brings tangible results.



Planet Ayurveda® grows its herbs and further processes them in the so-called the "green zone" near the virgin land of the Himalayas. The fact that all the products offered by us prove that the main growing areas are free from heavy metals and other harmful components the products clearly met the strict standards of the European Union for the content of heavy metals (arsenic, cobalt, mercury and lead). In 2012 Planet Ayurveda® received ISO Quality Management System 9001:2008 certificate awarded for activity in the field of processing and exporting Ayurvedic products as well as marketing.



The company Planet Ayurveda holds many certificates, including the BIO certificate valid in the EU.


 The company Planet Ayurveda holds the ECOCERT ORGANIC Certificate. In order to obtain the ECOCERT ORGANIC certificate, the company has to go through a demanding evaluation process, which evaluates the organic way of growing herbs, the way of caring for the plants, the way of processing them, etc.


In April 2015, Planet Ayurveda received a GMP (Good manufacturing practices) certificate.

GMP is a system of strict rules that manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements must follow. They include binding procedures, control measures, quality monitoring and other activities aimed at ensuring the safety of products, their proper production and control, their integrity and effectiveness. The GMP certificate guarantees the highest level of processing and production of preparations. The GMP certificate is only awarded to manufacturers who follow good manufacturing practice. They must choose high-quality suppliers of raw materials, verify the quality of raw materials, monitor the production of extracts, verify at the intermediate stage of production whether the products meet the required properties, etc. The GMP certificate thus confirms that the given manufacturer meets the strict criteria applied in the production and control of medicinal products.



For you as customers, it is therefore a guarantee that the product is not contaminated and was produced in professional, carefully controlled production conditions. 


At the same time, all the products we import to Slovakia have met strict EU laboratory rules regarding the content of heavy metals and microbiology (salmonella, e.coli).

100% purely natural products
purely natural products
Prepared based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Prepared based on
ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Standardized extracts with a high proportion of active substances
Standardized extracts
with a high proportion of active substances
Without chemicals and any additives
Without chemicals
and any additives
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