Frequently asked questions about Ayurvedic medicine

In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions about Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic doctors Dr. Vikram Chauhan MD and Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan MD. If we didn't answer your question, don't hesitate contact us .


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Can I take the individual products of Ayurvedic medicine together or in sequence during the day?

You can use all our products together. This means that in the morning you will take a dose of all the products at once and in the afternoon you will again take a dose of all the products at once. You can also take them gradually, but it is not necessary.


I can empty the contents of the capsules and take only the contents or do I have to swallow the capsule whole?

The capsule cover is made of vegetable cellulose, it is not in no way harmful and does not burden the organism. But if it suits you better, for example, you have a problem swallowing capsules, you can pour out the contents of the capsules and possibly mix them into food.


How long can I use Ayurvedic medicine products? Is it necessary to take breaks? When will I see the results?

There is no need to take breaks or do not recommend. The duration of use depends on the specific problem.

  • Acute cases 

In acute cases, for example inflammations or infections, problems digestion, allergic reactions, female problems, etc. you can see the effect within a few minutes to hours.

  • Chronic diseases

The longer the problem lasts and the more chronic it is, the the longer it is necessary to take Ayurvedic medicine. If the combination is chosen correctly, the dosage is followed and lifestyle recommendations (diet, sleep, exercise) are usually improved within 1 month. We generally recommend taking Ayurvedic medicine for 3-6 months. For some diseases (e.g. serious neurological diseases, autoimmune diseases) for a long time.

Does Ayurvedic medicine have side effects?

Ayurvedic medicine as such has no side effects. But we would like to draw your attention to the fact that if, for example, you take too many hot spices (Turmeric, Guggul, RumoGin5), it is possible that you will have heartburn. Then it is appropriate to combine hot spices with cooling ones, such as Amalaki Rasayan or Giloy.


When during the day should I take Ayurveda medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine is recommended to be taken between meals, i.e. not on an empty stomach and not with food. However, this does not apply to herbs intended for weight loss (Garcinia) and herbs intended for diabetics to reduce blood sugar (Diableen, Fenu Gym, Gymnema Sylvestre, Karela, etc.). It is better to take them on an empty stomach.


Can I take Ayurvedic medicine along with medication classicswhich medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine can be used in addition to classical medicines. But keep an interval of at least 1 hour between medicines and Ayurvedic products.


I can stop taking traditional medicines and switch to Ayurvedic medicine only?

In no case do not suddenly stop taking any medication (for example medicines for high blood pressure, blood thinners). Herbs have a gradual effect, it is necessary to take them simultaneously with medicines. Please consult with your doctor about possibly stopping the medication after your results (blood, pressure) start to improve. You can also consult our Indian Ayurvedic doctors.


How do I know which Ayurvedic herbs are they suitable for me?

We have prepared for you ONLINE HELPER where you can find suitable combinations for specific health problems. We are also happy to advise you in our ONLINE ADVICE.


How can I arrange an Ayurvedic consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor?

Write to us through our CONTACT FORM or to the email address and we will contact you back.

100% purely natural products
purely natural products
Prepared based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Prepared based on
ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Standardized extracts with a high proportion of active substances
Standardized extracts
with a high proportion of active substances
Without chemicals and any additives
Without chemicals
and any additives
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