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Below we present your experience with Ayurvedic treatment. Names are changed, typos are corrected, but other data is left as it was in our customers'  emails. You can also find some on our facebook written directly by our customers. If you are interested in a personal consultation with the ayurvedic doctors of Planet Ayurveda, contact us


Pains, inflammations, respiratory tract infections - bronchitis

20 years ago I was diagnosed as allergic to all pain medications. I suffered many times because I could not take anything. I was looking for a substitute for what to get for the pain in the pharmacy. that's how I came to ayurveda.. Boswellia Curcumin will help me not only with pain, but in case of any inflammatory disease, which subsides only by taking anti-inflammatory drugs and will completely replace them by suppressing the pain. I cannot tolerate BOSWELLIA CURCUMIN and I highly recommend it to everyone who has an allergy to painkillers. When a person is very busy, has mental stress, it happens that sleep does not come and does not come... it is necessary to calm down the body and here the combination of Aswagandh, Valerian and Brahmi in one, i.e. Stress Support, will help. Before going to bed, I always take two capsules of this product and sleep for 6 hours straight. If it happens that they need to calm the intestines and digestive tract, there is Halorhena +. Two days, two capsules in the morning and in the evening, and the discomfort will disappear. The danger of viral and bacterial infection lurks in autumn and spring. When I managed to catch something somewhere, I usually ended up on antibiotics, as I suffered from frequent bronchitis in my childhood. At first, I bought cough syrups and lozenges at the pharmacy, but the bronchial tubes always took it away. On the recommendation of the PlanetAyurveda team, at the beginning of the disease, I started taking Ayurveda preparations in combination with Tulsi, Curcumic, Amalaki and Aller-G, 2+2+2+2 in the morning and in the evening, and after a week, the pain in the lungs and the common cold miraculously disappeared. I highly recommend it. It is always necessary to consult, but even my general practitioner takes Ayurveda seriously.

 Eva, Liptov, 67 years old



For the last year I have had problems sleeping. I couldn't sleep in the evening, I woke up at night, the sleep was poor and I woke up tired in the morning. I started taking Brahmi in November 2023, 2 capsules a day, 2 times a day. The change happened immediately. I am calmer and problems with insomnia they passed. Thank you very much.

 Lucia, Voderady, 40 years old

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Osteoporosis, arthrosis, blood vessels and cholesterol, insomnia, concentration, pain

I have been using Planet Ayurveda products with my mother for about 3/4 years. Mom suffers from very strong osteoporosis, arthrosis, osteonenia. For many years, her doctor prescribed medicines that were expensive, but they didn't help her at all and her bones kept thinning and her joints hurt. I ordered her Osteo plan. after 3 months of use she went for a check-up and suddenly her bone density increased by 6% and her overall results improved. After some time, she was diagnosed with an elevated cholesterol level and cysts on the liver. I ordered her Arjuna. After a month of use, she had a check-up, the doctor told her that her blood vessels were in a condition as if she were 10 years younger and she did not want to believe that her cholesterol dropped from 7.8 to 3.6. Now I also ordered Liv Support for her, so I'm curious what the results will be with regard to the cysts on the liver. The inspection is in 3/4 of a year. I use Aswahandha, Brahmi, Boswelia Curcumin. I suffered from insomnia for a long time, I slept a maximum of 3 hours a night, I woke up every hour and looked at the clock. I've been sleeping since I've been taking themfine without waking up 6-8 hrs. Since I have a very mentally demanding job, Brahmi helps me focus and work with concentration, I can think better and concentrate. I also suffer from cervical spine pain and have a ruptured and leaky disc in my lumbar region. In cooperation with hypermobility, it "cuts in my lower back" and trains my nerves like on a treadmill. Since taking Boswellia with Brahmi and Aswahandha the pain has subsided and I feel much better. I cannot tolerate Planet Ayurveda products. 

Pani Henrieta with her mother


Multiple Sclerosis

I have been using your Ayurvedic products for over 2 years as a supplement for the treatment of multiple sclerosis (Giloy, Brahmi, Curcumin, Calm Easy and RumoGin5). I have to say that the side effects of the disease and the side effects of the drugs that I have to take due to sclerosis have significantly decreased. My daily headaches have stopped, the numbness in my limbs has almost disappeared, I'm not as tired and I feel healthier overall. Since I undergo extended blood tests several times a year  and magnetic resonance, I can see that even there it shows that the combination of conventional treatment with Ayurvedic has a positive effect on my state of health. 

Miro, 44 years old, Senec district



I have been suffering from rheumatism for many years. I felt pain every time the weather changed, especially when it was supposed to get cold. I had great pain in my fingers and spine. I am trying to change my thinking and menu according to your recommendation. Boswellia-Curcumin works very well for me. So far, I have been taking 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening for 3 months. I feel no pain at all. Thanks for the advice.

Olga, 64 years old, Northern Slovakia


Menstruation, rashes

I am responding to your message regarding products that I I ordered you and I can't praise them enough I ordered them and I can't praise them enough J, female health helps me the most for menstrual pain, since I have a dominant pitta dosa, I throw up easily, neem, aloe, now I also use allergy care, gotu kola, very good products , I'm glad they are on the J


Janka, Kremnica


Allergy, indigestion, nosebleeds

AllerG Care and Digestion Support are units for me . Whenever I eat something heavy and doesn't digest, Digestion saves me. And AllerG Care helps me with my allergies for a long time. He also helped my daughter and  very quickly, her sinuses finally blew out. She was constantly smothered. And I also tried Vasak and Chanc Piedra for my son according to your recommendation for nosebleeds and after 2 days it stopped and we had peace for a very long time, maybe even half a year, otherwise he would bleed from every 2- 3 days. Now she has started again, so she is using the same combination again. Thank you and greetings to Dr. Chauhan J

Viera, 39 years old, Senec district

Ovarian cysts

Your Ayurveda saved my ovary. One to meIf the cyst was removed, I should have lost the second one as well. Fortunately, I tried the herbs as you recommend in the video - Shatavari and Fenugreek, two capsules of each, twice a day. And within three months the cysts were gone! Your herbs are excellent!

Mária, Banská Bystrica district


First menstruation

My daughter got her first period and the problem was , that she still had it, although not strong, but still and she was still tired. First I gave Shatavari, it got a little better, then I added Vasaku on your advice and menses improved very quickly. One package was all it took and now it works as it should. Super J

Jana, 42 years old, Senec district


Atopic eczema

hello.. ..of Ayurvedic preparations I use more , from tablets, chyawanprashe, Shilajit, rishtami... One of the first proven herbs is Neem Powder, which I use for inflammatory conditions and in general for increased pitta, specifically for atopic eczema.

Ivan, Bratislava


Irregular menstruation

I had a problem with menstruation, for several months I she didn't have it at all, she didn't want to start and I didn't want to take hormones from the gynecologist right away. Thanks to you, it arrived within 3 weeks. You gave me Shatavari and Aloe Vitals and they worked. Thank you for your help.

Ľubka, 22 years old, Senec district


Diabetes and weight loss

Hello, with products ashwagandha, bosweliacurcumin, diableen , fenugreek and fenugreek, I am satisfied. Blood sugar dropped. I feel better overall and have lost 3 kilos.

Beáta, 60 years old, Central Slovakia



100% purely natural products
purely natural products
Prepared based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Prepared based on
ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Standardized extracts with a high proportion of active substances
Standardized extracts
with a high proportion of active substances
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Without chemicals
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