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Official Planet Ayurveda distributor partnership available in EU.

Is Planet Ayurveda® missing in your country? This might be an opportunity for you!

If you would like to become a Planet Ayurveda® distributor, do not hesitate to contact us

We will help you to establish your own business.


As an importer of Planet Ayurveda® in EU, we have all products stock for Europe in Slovakia (logistically in the center of the EU), so we can provide the products quickly, duty cleared, door to door delivery in few days across all Eureope.

All available products for EU market you can find at current web page www.planetayurveda.eu

There are 67 products currently and are going to be more than 100 different single or multiherbal ayurvedic products, whith their further combination for many more health issues / benefits.

The most important information about Planet Ayurveda® are:

  • these are standardized herbal extracts (much more powerful than plain powders),
  • they are 100% natural, no additives,
  • available in the form of transparent capsules made of plant cellulose (not animal gelatin, not hiding anything)
  • all new products are tested in EU accredited laboratory of heavy metals,
  • we have unique combinations prepared by real ayurvedic doctors with information how they influence Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha,
  • we have vast information about suitable combinations of our products for various health problems (videos, articles, seminars.. etc.) and possibility to discuss various problems with team of ayruvedic doctors at Planet Ayurveda® clinic in India,
  • we don’t just sell products, we help to cure people, advice how to combine herbs and adjust lifestyle.




100% purely natural products
purely natural products
Prepared based on ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Prepared based on
ancient Ayurvedic recipes
Standardized extracts with a high proportion of active substances
Standardized extracts
with a high proportion of active substances
Without chemicals and any additives
Without chemicals
and any additives
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