Standardized herbal extract

What is a standardized herbal extract?

A standardized herbal extract is a concentrated form of an herb that is manufactured to contain certain components or compounds in a precisely determined concentration. This extraction process ensures consistent efficacy and quality of the final product. In the production of standardized extracts, the main active substances are often isolated from herbs, which are then concentrated and specified in such a way as to guarantee the desired therapeutic effects.

Comparison with herbal extract and ground herb:

  1. Standardized herbal extract:

    • It contains a precisely determined amount of the main active substances, which ensures consistent effectiveness.
    • Its dosage is accurate and reliable, which allows accurate expectations of results.
    • It has stronger therapeutic effects compared to ground herb or regular herbal extract.
  2. Herbal extract:

    • Contains ingredients extracted from the herb, but their concentration can be variable.
    • Efficacy may be less reliable compared to a standardized extract, as the specific concentration of active substances may be uncertain.
    • May be more effective than ground herb but less effective than standardized extract.
  3. Ground herb (herbal powder):

    • Contains whole dried herbal materials, which may have a variable concentration of active substances.
    • Its effectiveness may be the least reliable and variable compared to herbal extract and standardized extract.
    • It may be suitable for people who prefer natural forms of treatment and have less serious health problems.


Standardized herbal extracts represent a reliable way of using the healing properties of herbs. Their consistent effectiveness and dosage allow accurate expectation of results.

Example: Standardized Brahmi extract

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is a traditional herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to support cognitive functions, improve memory and concentration. Standardized Brahmi extract is made to contain a certain amount of the main active substances such as bacopasides, saponins and alkaloids. These ingredients are responsible for the medicinal effects of Brahmi.

Standardized Brahmi extract is often used to improve cognitive function, memory and mental well-being. Its consistent effectiveness and dosage ensure reliable results with its use. It is available in the form of capsules or liquid extracts that are easy to use and dose.

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