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Quality of Products

The market is full of natural products offering herbal supplements for various health problems. How can you be sure you are buying high quality and effective ayurvedic products? Watch out for exact content of ajurvedic products, what are capsules made of and what are they fill in? Are there any additives, how much is in one capsule, is it extract or just raw powder? All these aspects are important. 

Kvalitna ajurvedska medicina Planet Ayurveda SlovenskoQUALITY OF PLANET AYURVEDA:

When buying our ayurvedic products, you can count on these quality standards:

100% vegetarian capsules

We use solely 100% vegetarian capsule shells made from hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, commonly found in plants, and meet all the requirements of current FCC (Food Chemical Codex) and USP standards. We do not hard gelatin which is low in cost and is made from chemicals, cow cartilage and pig intestines.

The most potent standardised extract

In our 100% natural herbal supplements we use solely standardised extracts, not just plain extracts.

There are 3 types of herbal extacts:

- Pure herbal powder (part of pland in powder form).
- Herbal extract (extract of plant, content of concrete active constituent in extract is not know).
- Standardised herbal extract – this type of extract is prepared and tested for its percentage of active constituents.

Generally is concentration level very high, for example we use 100 kg of herb powder for 10 kg of standardised extract (for example for Ashwagandha capsules). Then extract is tested for presence of active constituent (in Ashwagandha we test content of Withanolides). If it meets the criteria only then it get approved for use, otherwise it got rejected and marked to be used as just plain herb extract.

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The cost of raw herb powder is minimum, the cost of herbal extract is 10 times more and the cost of standardized extract is further more.

500 mg in one capsule

Our vegetarian capsules contain 500 mg of standardised herbal extract, while many other manufacturers are filling 250 mg herbal extracts or raw herb powder. 

100% pure herbal products without any additives, fillers or chemicals

Our products are 100% natural. So many people fill 250 mg herbal extracts and the rest of the 500 mg capsule shell is filled with raw herb powder or fillers, chemicals, or even flour etc. just to cut costs. We fill only 500 mg standardized extracts without any preservatives or fillers or chemicals.

Detailed laboratory tests

Akreditované laboratóriá Slovensko

All ayurvedic supplements of Planet Ayurveda brand where thoroughly tested in EU accredited laboratory. Laboratory tested content of heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Kd, As) and microbiology (E.coli and Salmonella). All products completely met EU criteria and they were accepted on EU market by Health Auhtority in Slovakia. 

Positive energy

All products are infused with positive energy, blessings and high karma, including a completely vegan/vegetarian delivery system for better absorption by the body. Our prices reflect our commitment to bringing you and the world the highest quality and combination of healing herbs.