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Planet Ayurveda Standardised Extracts

Dr. Vikram Chauhan

„In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that the dosage of pure herb powders should be 3 to 6 grams. If we put the raw herbs in capsules, there won't be any results. For such purpose, I have developed a range of herbal powder blends - the Churna combinations and the jars contain herb powders, which are giving excellent results. If you want to achieve results in smaller dosage (for capsules), that's why extracts are important. That's why I have a range of herbal extract based formulations. I have been using them from last 15 years and getting good results with the combinations.“

Dr. Vikram Chauhan, CEO and founder of Planet Ayurveda brand


Here you can read more information aboud standardized extracts 


The commonly employed technique for removal of active substance from the crude drug is called extraction. Selection of the solvent is very critical in preparing the extracts, because the active constituent of the plants have affinity for solvents. Extracts are prepared by separating the soluble matter from vegetable tissues by application of a suitable solvent like alcohol, water or ether. The resultant liquid is concentrated by evaporation to obtain liquid extract or concentrated nearly to dryness to obtain solid extract. Depending on the solvent used, the extracts are classified as alcoholic, ethereal or aqueous.


Standardised herbal extract

Standardised herbal extract is a preparation, which contains a certain fixed proportion of the active constituent. For example, a standardised extract of Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha) contains not less than 1.5% of withanolides. The concept of standardisation has great impact on quality of herbal products. Standardisation helps in adjusting the herbal drug formulation to a defined content of a constituent or constituents with therapeutic activity.

The most obvious aspect of standardisation is the guaranteed content of one or more active constituents or marker compounds; standardisation involves much more than guaranteed levels of constituents. Standardisation refers to the body of information and controls that guarantees the consistency of composition - and therefore consistency of activity - of an herbal extract.

Chemical analysis, using appropriate techniques such as high performance liquid chromatography, gas liquid chromatography, and thin layer chromatography, is a key aspect of standardisation. A standardised extract is standardised with respect to one or more specific constituents or group of constituents. In most cases the standardisation is done to one or more key active constituents. In cases where the most important active constituents have not been identified, standardisation may be done to a marker compound.


Advantages of standardised extracts used in Planet Ayurveda Formulations

Standardised extracts retain the chemical complexity typical of the natural plant, but offer the added advantage of guaranteed levels of certain key constituents. An increasing number of herbal medicines containing standardised herbal extracts have had their clinical efficacy confirmed in clinical trials. The vast majority of clinical trials involving herbal medicines have used standardised extracts.

The reason behind efficacy of Planet Ayurveda formulations is simple: standardised extracts offer consistent and reproducible therapeutic effects and the highest degree of safety. Accordingly, standardised extracts produce the best clinical results than crude drugs.

Planet Ayurveda standardised herbal extracts versus crude drugs

Because botanical extracts are made directly from crude plant material, they can show very substantial variation in composition, quality, and therapeutic effects. The variation and diversity of life is enormous, even within a species. In other words, two medicinal plants of the same species may look similar, yet be substantially different in the levels of active constituents they contain. Herbal medicines made from plants that differ markedly in their chemical constituents cannot produce the same therapeutic effects. Because the practitioner or consumer will be unable to assess the difference, they cannot compensate for it. The consequence will be inconsistent clinical results.

Planet Ayurveda standardised herbal extracts used in capsule based formulations offer following advantages over capsule based formulations containing raw herb powders:

  • High quality herbal extracts containing consistent levels of specified compounds.
  • Broad spectrum herbal extracts containing recognised active constituents as well as a variety of other plant constituents (some of which may contribute to the overall therapeutic quality of the extract).
  • Herbal extracts subjected to rigorous quality controls during all phases of the growing, harvesting and manufacturing processes.


Clinical advantages of standardised herbal extracts

Planet Ayurveda standardised herbal extracts used in capsule based formulations have distinct clinical advantages as summarised below:

  • High quality extracts with consistent activity.
  • Consistent activity allows for more accurate prescribing.
  • Consistent activity allows for consistent clinical results.
  • Extensive quality control ensures the quality and safety of standardised herbal extracts.