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Three Energies

As we have stated before, according to Ayurveda there exist three biological humours, tree energies or three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Their balance leads to health or harmony, whereas the imbalance means disease or chaos.

Vata is out of balance

For example, if Vata gets out of balance, it disturbs all things related to movement. It leads to overactive mind, poor circulatoin, poor nerve conduction, loss of memory, irregular elimination, uncomfortable menses, etc.

Pitta is out of balance

If Pitta is out of balance, it disturbs all things related to heat and digestion. It can result in excessive digestive fire resulting in heartburn, excess stomach acid, hot temper, inflammations etc.

Kapha is out of balance

If Kapha gets out of balance, it can lead to chronic congestion, weight gain, cellulite, cholesterol build up, acne, oily skin, etc. It has influence on all things related to structure and lubrication.

Herbs in synergistic combination, diet, routine, meditation etc. are used to restore balance – to restore proper operation of the various systems, to restore health. Ayurveda does not focus on decreasing symptoms, it focuses on increasing health.

Where there is health, there is no room for disease.

Due to foreing invasions in India for hundreds of years, Ayurveda became fragmented. Now it is on its come back trait from around last 35 years. As a result of growing scientific verification at major research institutions, it is th world’s fastest growing healt care system.