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Gotu Kola Capsules

Gotu kola or Centella Asiatica capsules are made from herbal extract of the leaves of the herb Centella asiatica. It is traditionally used in Ayurveda since ages for improving memory and boosting concentration. 

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The herb Gotukola has been in use since ages for memory increase and confidence boost. In ancient Sanskrit language, Centella asiatica is known as Mandukaparni.

Latin name – Centella asiatica

Positive effects of Gotu Kola:

  • Support healthy blood circulation
  • Maintain healthy metabolism
  • Maintain healthy brain
  • Balance psychic energies (Satva, Rajas and Tamas) in body
  • Balance all the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) in body
  • 100% natural product
  • Absolutely free from chemicals, additives, extra colors, fillers and yeast etc.
  • Formulated by M.D Ayurveda experts

Package, composition, dosage:

Composition: 100% standardized extract, each capsule contains 500 mg of extract of Centella asiatica (L.) Urban Syn. Hydrocotyle asiatica Linn. (Apiaceae) containing 3% asiaticoside.. Vegetarian capsule shell made from plant cellulose containing active moiety.

Package: 60 capsules, 500 mg of pure herbal extract in each capsule, no additives 

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily after each meal with milk or plain water

Gotu Kola capsules of planet Ayurveda are made from standardized extracts of best quality having no pesticides, no inorganic fertilizers and no added chemicals are there so no fear of anything these can be less potent or having side effects. This product has under gone potency, quality and purity check so that best quality reaches to people across the world.



For maximum efect we recommend to use with Ashwagandha Capsules.

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