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Gymnema Sylvestre Capsules (Gurmar)

Gymnema Sylvestre is know in ayurveda for its antidiabetic properties. It also helps to control obesity.

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Gymnema Sylvestrae is regarded as one of the plants with potent anti diabetic properties. This plant is also used for controlling obesity in the form of Gymnema tea. The active compound of the plant is a group of acids termed as gymnemic acids. It has been observed that there could be a possible link between obesity, Gymnemic acids and diabetes.

Gymnema leaf extract, notably the peptide 'Gurmarin', has been found to interfere with the ability of the taste buds on the tongue to taste sweet and bitter. Gymnemic acid has a similar effect. It is believed that by inhibiting the sweet taste sensation, people taking it will limit their intake of sweet foods, and this activity may be partially responsible for its hypoglycemic effect.

Latin name – Gymnema sylvestre

Positive effects of Gymnema sylvestre

  • Support healthy sugar level
  • Support obesity control 

Package, composition, dosage:

Composition: 100% standardized extracteach capsule contains 500 mg of a standardized extract of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. Asclepiadaceae (Gurmar). 10:1 standardized to 26% of Gymnemic acid.

Vegetarian capsule shell made from plant cellulose containing active moiety.

Package: 60 capsules, 500 mg of pure herbal extract in each capsule, no additives 

Dosage: 1- 2 capsules twice daily after meal 

Gymnema Sylvestre capsules of Planet Ayurveda are made from standardized extracts of best quality having no pesticides, no inorganic fertilizers and no added chemicals are there so no fear of anything these can be less potent or having side effects. This product has under gone potency, quality and purity check so that best quality reaches to people across the world.



For maximum efect we recommend to use with Karela (Bittermelon) Capsules and Garcinia Capsules.

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